Sunday, August 1, 2010

The CAF Emerges

Since the end of May, I've been focused on converting the garage into what I call the Cozy Aircraft Factory (CAF).

New lighting...I replaced the poor lights with 2 sets of 4-bulb, 48" floresent lights giving me much more light for which to see the Cozy.

I insulated the garage door with Prodex Total Reflective Insulation.  My garage gets the direct sun until 1100am and can really warm up the CAF fast in the summer mornings. 

 To make the CAF a more year round fabrication facility, I insulated the attic above and 2 exterior walls with lose fill insulation.  In the pic below you can see the holes drilled to pour in the insulation.  Then I purchased a portable air conditioner/ heater/dehumidifier which I'm sure will help make things much more tolerable in the extreme seasons.  Working well with epoxy and fiberglass is very temperature dependant.  You need a warm place, warm parts, and warm epoxy, perferably 80 degrees or more, to give you good results.

I had to install utility shelving high on the back wall to get much of my storage up and out of the way and completely reorganized the place to make as floor space as I could. 

Here is what it looked like after I finished. In this picture you can see the overhead utility shelves on the back wall.  Note this picture was taken after I had also built the required 12ft long work bench and other items you need to fabricate the larger parts.  I'll discuss those more in Ch. 3.

The Cozy Aircraft Factory Ready for Action

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