Sunday, August 15, 2010

Instrument Panel

The IP is made from multiple pieces of foam and pieced together before glassing.  I used the full size plans I bought as a template and a seamstress pattern marker to transfer the template to the foam.  I did run into one small problem...

As I mentioned before, the plans kit comes with a set of drawings but some of the bulkheads templates are only half drawings and you have to make the mirror image.  That's not that big a deal but I thought it would be easier just to have the full sized drawings.  The full size set was provided by a former builder.  Just in case there could be differences between the two, my process involved checking the full sized drawings against the plans drawings to make sure any changes had been picked up.  In the process of checking the IP, I noticed a 1/4" difference in the height of the two sets of drawings.  Which one was correct? 

After consulting with the Cozy mailing list I decided to go with the larger dimension as I could always trim excess if needed.  After a little more checking of different drawings and actually measuring the distance between WL marks, I actually found that it was the plans drawings that were distorted in the vertical axis...presumably from the copying process.  This may explain why several builders report having IPs that were 1/4" short when they went to install. I've decided to stick first with dimensions as called out in the instructions and second, with the full size plans for any measurements I need to take from the drawings.



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