Sunday, January 9, 2011

If at first you don't succeed...

Well, after inspecting my instrument panel (IP) I decided there were too many air bubbles in the layup and I wasn't happy with it.  I thought of taking to a friend to look at in the hope he would say it was ok, but after more thought...I knew I just wouldn't be satisfied.  I knew I could and must do better getting the air out of the layups so I decided to redo the IP.  You can see the worst of it in the pics below.

So while watching the Saturday Wildcard Football games, I traced and cut out a new IP which will be glassed in the coming week...but only after reviewing all the plans info and Rutan video on glassing technique.

As I think about my technique and review the lessons, I believe I have a couple of problems.
  1.  I'm too slow.  I need to get the epoxy on and spread much quicker while its still warm and able to wet out quicker.
  2.  I realized I haven't been using a brush to stipple the layup and help bring air to the top.  I've been relying on the squeege for all the air removal and perhaps it just can't get it all.
  3.  I'm not using enough epoxy up front to wet out the layup.  I need to pay attention to use more than I need up front until it's all wet out and know that I can remove what I don't need.
  4.  I have to work harder to find the air bubbles during the layup...perhaps a work light that I can use at different angles to help find them all.

We'll see what happens...


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