Saturday, July 2, 2011

Only 27 days to Oshkosh 2011...

I'm making my first trip to aviation paradise this year...Oshkosh 2011...and I can't wait.  For me and 650,000 of my closest friends, this is a special year as they will be celebrating Burt Rutan's retirement, the man responsible for canard homebuilt aircraft and so many other unique designs including what is about to become the first commercial space vehicle, Spaceship One and the White Knight Mothership.  The legendary Bob Hoover and Gen Chuck Yeager will be there, many different workshops and lectures to attend, I can scope out my future avionics systems, and of course I'll have 100+ other canards to look at and take pictures of design features I want to incorporate into my Cozy.  Did I say I was excited...Check out the video below for a sneek peak at the Greatest Aviation Celebration in the World.


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