Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ch 6: Heat Duct & Seat Back Brace (Part 3 of 3)

Final Assembly
I would have been done with the heat duct but since I had to add the extra foam to the sides of the duct in the back to accommodate the wider seat brace, I have to add glass over that to finish it out.  This was pretty straight forward using 2 plys of BID.  I failed to take a picture of this but it wouldn't be very exciting.

De-skinned Seat Brace.  Removed glass on the left.
OOOPPPSSS!  I glassed the exterior of the seat brace and it went very well...until a couple of hours later when I suddenly had a stray thought.  "Did I cut that glass with the correct orientation?"

Sure enough, after checking the part and retracing my actions, I had glassed it with the fibers at 90 degrees to the base of the brace instead of 45 degrees per plans.  In the long run, this probably would have been OK, but my conscious wouldn't let me live with it.  It is a structural part and you never know when you may need a part to be at it's strongest.  The brace wouldn't have been as strong as designed with the fibers running that direction.

Since it had only been 10 hrs since I finished the glassing, I applied a little heat action with my heat gun and the glass pulled off fairly easy.  A little dry micro to fill some foam that pulled off and new glass was back on 2 hours later.  What a waste of time...all because I wasn't paying attention.  Lesson learned I hope.

Now I checked the fit in the Cozy and made final adjustments before joining the two pieces.  Here they are after being floxed together and joined with 2 ply BID at the sides.
Note the added width allowing
2 water bottles in the map pocket.

Final Assembled Heat Duct / Seat Brace

Final Installation in the Cozy
Installation was pretty easy once I got it fitted well.  Now it's time for the fuselage bottom.

Onward, cab

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