Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ch 7: Glassing the Sides (1 of 2)

Sorta like cooking chicken...only different...
It would be difficult and messy to glass large vertical surfaces like the sides so the plans have you build some A-Frame pivots to aid in putting the fuselage in a position that makes it easier to work on.
Cozy builders call this...The "Rotisserie."

The plans don't give you many specifics about how to do it but they do give you enough basics to figure out your own solution.

Firewall Attachment
F22 Attachment
The plans suggest using the hole in F22 that would be used for the gear crank shaft but I don't know if I'll have one so I haven't drilled it.
They also suggest drilling a hole in the firewall but you would have to repair that.

For F22, I used clamps to hold my A-Frame between two boards.  For the firewall, I used two small holes that I had already drilled to locate the control rods and I bolted a 2x4 to them.  Then I put a hole in the 2x4 for a 5/16th pivot bolt.

You'll need to make the pivot points about 24" off the ground to be sure the fuselage clears the floor when turning.  (UPDATE (3/29/13):  You'll notice I made my A-Frames with a 45 degree angle.  I suggest making them more like 30 degrees between them.  At 45 degrees the feet are quite a bit wider than the fuselage and I keep tripping on them.  Maybe I'm just clumsy :-).

Right side up
Roll it around for glassing the
sides or working on the inside

The "Rotisserie" in Action

Time to glass the sides, cab

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