Sunday, November 7, 2010

More Bulkheads...

I spent about 5 hrs this weekend cutting out, shaping, and glassing one side of the instrument panel (IP) as well as tracing and cutting out the landing gear bulkheads.  It will be next week before anything else gets done because I'll be traveling all week and weekend.  After completing these bulkheads, I'll just have the firewall to go to finish up Ch 4.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Let's see...What was I doing? Oh yeah...Ch 4 Bulkheads.

Well I'm back from 10 weeks in Ohio and ready to make some good progress on the Cozy.  (Oh yeah.. I also spent some time getting to know the family again too!)

I just finished the F22 bulkhead.  This is the forward most bulkhead about where the rudder peddals will go.  It took a good while, about 7 hrs, just to glass both sides.  None of it was hard, it just took a while because of the number of plys on the front side.  On the fwd and aft side there are 2 plys of BID and 1 ply of UND.  On the front however, there are an additional 9 plys of alternating BID & UND placed up to 5 inches in from both the left and right.  All total, 24 plys for entire bulkhead.  My back hurts from bending over the work bench for all that.  The picture shows the fwd side of the bulkhead, peel ply'd and curing before I knife trim the excess.

F22 Bulkhead w/peel ply
Post weight after completion:  2.375 lbs...just a little above average :-)