Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fun With Tail Draggers

Saturday was the first EAA Chapter meeting of the year and I was invited to spend the afternoon with my neighbor an his friend at his private airfield.  This was a 2000 ft grass field once used a as a cropduster strip.  He has two hangars that house several of his own aircraft as well as some of his friends.

The best part was the great man cave attached to the hangar.  The gentlemen is a retired BGen from the USAF and had a 3 story control tower-like hangout full of memorabilia, a kitchen for snacks, drinks, etc.  It was great.  I tagged along in a Bakeng Duece, a homebuilt open cockpit monoplane, owned by a former fighter pilot and his neighbor.  What a blast I had!  It was cold...but worth every minute of air time I got.  I've informed the spouse that this is my new favorite hangout.  See the slide show below.


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