Friday, May 20, 2011

7 Hrs Later...The Inside of the Fuselage Sides Are Glassed...

Well today was the big glassing day.  Wow!  As expected, this was a large, somewhat hard to deal with layup.  The plans say this is a 3-4 hr job (with a helper)...It took me every bit of 7 hrs working mostly by myself.  Below you can see the completed layup with weights along the longerons to make sure they are seated well onto the sides.

I completely understand why the plans have you glass both sides at once but it sure makes adjusting the cloth difficult if you don't lay it down close to right the first time.
That's one place where the plan's recommended helper comes in...highly recommended.  Another place a helper would be great is mixing epoxy so you can keep moving.  My wife helped me stretch out the long pieces of glass cloth to get them laid correctly and my son helped me lay the longerons just right so I wouldn't have to adjust them much once in place.  I might still be there without their help.

As it turned out, I think everything looks pretty good.  I won't at all be surprised to find a bubble or two, especially in the control stick depressions.  Those are hard to get the cloth to lay down well.  So I'll probably have a few fixes to do but it all looked pretty good when I covered it with peel ply.  I tried to make sure to use plenty of epoxy to make sure everything wet out well and I used a heat gun to help it along.  We'll see how it comes out tomorrow afternoon.


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