Saturday, May 7, 2011

9 Months After Starting, Finally....Bulkheads

I've finally gotten the bulkheads done.  It took me longer than average 60hrs...not just because I'm slower than the average bear...but I rebuilt F-28 and the IP from scratch.  I made F-28 using the low profile but realized I would need the higher profile for extra support mounting the hinges for the forward hinged canopy.  The original IP, well I just wasn't happy with due to large amounts of small air bubbles in the layup.  I'm much happier with second one.

It also took me about 7 months longer than it should have.  Many of which was missing the past 3 mths due to preparing to deploy, another 2.5 mths in a class in Ohio.  Since I'm no longer deploying, I'll be able to make up that lost time and not loose the other 6 mths I would have lost being in Afghanistan.

All my bulkheads were looked at by the closest thing I have to a tech advisor...a fellow builder and Cozy mentor who''s 80% complete...Ron M.  He will have a beautiful Cozy when completed.  Thanks for all the advice and support Ron!

Here are all the bulkheads, laid out in the order they will be assembled,  ready to fit between two fuselage sides to be built in Ch 5.  I still need to build the firewall which goes at the far end just behind the aft landing gear bulkhead.

The picture above gives you an idea of the relative position of the bulkheads in the aircraft.  If you channel Barney and use your imaaaaagination, you can almost see a Cozy taking shape below.

On to cut out the fake and real firewall parts to close out Ch 4.

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