Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Post Glass inspection....Oops, repair needed.

After pulling the peel ply off the sides, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.  The sides looked pretty good and I didn't even have any air bubbles in the control stick depressions that I fully expected.

That's not to say there weren't problems.  I did a terrible peel ply job.  I should have split the peel ply into two pieces and dealt with one side at a time...too many peel ply wrinkles and bubbles....fortunately those are easy fixes and primarily cosmetic.  I also found a couple of air bubbles on the aft edge that were easily fixed with hot epoxy and a syringe.  The real issue was the aft area about 2-6 inches forward of the firewall location on both sides....those darn air specks showed up again. :-(    Hmmm, how did this happen.

After reviewing my process that day, I think I figured out what happened.  I laid out all the raw glass for the second ply before I began to wet it any of it out.  The last area I got to with the epoxy was the aft end of both sides.  I think that the raw glass may have pulled too much of the epoxy from the underlying first ply which created specks of air.  By the time I got to the aft end with epoxy, these specks of air were too dried into the first ply to get out.

I stared at the area for 15 min's or so and then decided the area may not meet the inspection criteria.  Since this area is deemed a critical area (per plans "all fuselage areas within 10" of the firewall"), I decided I had to do something about it.  So I sanded down the worse areas to the foam on each side and re-glassed with 2-ply of 30 degree UND and the plans called for 1-ply of BID as a repair topper.  The repair looks good...onward!


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