Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our 1st Visit to Oshkosh Comes to an End... :-(

Back from Airventure 2011 and what a great time we had.  To my surprise, Gina has even gotten all excited about finishing our Cozy.  I think she loved the great people that share this interest and saw how much fun they have when they get flying.

We saw lots of aircraft, took part in the tribute to Burt Rutan, communed and dined with fellow canardians to talk building and flying Cozys, and attended a few seminars.  The weather was good most of the time and there was no shortage of things to do or see.  We didn't come close to doing everything we could have done or even saw all the different aircraft that flew in for the event.  In fact we didn't end up staying for the nightime airshow Sat night because we were tired and wanted a nice relaxed night before we departed the next morn.

I had some problems with my camera while there but managed to get a few pics in the slide show below.  click it open and you can go to the site where the pics are and flip through them at your own pace.  Can't wait to go back another year.  This will definitely become a habit.   Until then, we'll keep building with more energy and motivation to get this thing done sooner rather than later.

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