Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ch 6: Heat Duct Air Flow Mod

As I finished installing the heat duct, one thing I noticed was the rather large opening of the heat duct ending in the two small holes in the bottom of the IP for the heated air to flow through.  It seemed to me that the air should be encouraged to flow through easily vice hitting obstructions formed by the IP and being forced through those small holes.  Maybe I'll figure out later that this was designed like that on purpose, or I may not care if the heat duct doesn't put out enough heat anyway and I switch to an oil heater, but in the meantime, I did two things that I thought would help.  
1) I installed a small splitter in the airflow to split the air into the exit holes.  I guess I could have just eliminated the center structure blocking the flow but I thought it may need to be there for strength.  
2) I opened up the exit holes all the way to the edge of the heat duct providing a smooth transition outlet for the air.  Now there is a nice unobstructed flow to warm the tootsies.

Now on to skin the interior fuselage

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