Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ch 7: Prepping the Landing Brake

The landing brake was cut out during the building of the fuselage it needs to be somewhat re-installed before the bottom gets glassed.  The area around it get's routed out 1/16" below the surrounding area and the brake is tacked in place with 5 min epoxy.

Routing out the area around the landing brake
I used a router tool I have for my Dremel to prep the area around the brake.  This worked really well.

The router tool for my Dremel made it very quick
to carve out of the 1/16 depth of foam.
After the brake is tacked back in place and the surrounding area routed 1/16" down, layers of 1" wide duct tape, approximately 1/16" thick, is placed around the brake essentially forming a larger brake door surface. This is temporary as epoxy doesn't stick well to duct tape.  It's hard to see now, but in chapter 9 the brake will be cut back out around the tape, the tape will be removed to make way for glass on the other side, and the whole thing will be hinged in place and the actuator installed.  After that, the remaining area that was routed out (see pic below) will be filled with micro to form a nice seamless blended bottom across the landing brake.

(Deviation) Notice that I decided to extend the hinge all the way across the brake vs the plans shorter hinge.  I'm hoping this will help eliminate any tendency for it to warp like some others builders have seen.

The landing brake ready for the bottom glassing.

Fergelli FA-PO-150-12-4 Actuator
 Since I mentioned the actuator, I plan to install a Firgelli electric actuator vs the manual plans version.  This actuator has been used by several other builders, has a 4" throw, 150 lbs load, limit switches at each end, and a feedback potentiometer so I can wire it to my EFIS and know what position the landing brake is in at any time.  More on that when I install it in Ch 9.

One more step before glassing the bottom...antennas!  Onward, cab

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