Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ch 9.2: Preparing the Strut

Main Gear Strut, sanded, cut to 95" total length w/legs cut at
8 degrees up at the trailing edge.
Jumping ahead, I started step 9.2 because my shop heater is broken and I can't do any layups in the current temps.  Step 9.2 is the prep of the main gear strut.  It involves sanding the strut to a dull finish so it will take epoxy, cutting excess length from the strut legs, and cutting an angle in the strut legs to match the angle that it will be installed in the fuselage.  This was all very straight forward with no issues and took about 3 hours or so total.

The rest of 9.2 will be tackled later.

Onward, cab