Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ch 9.4: Main Gear Cover (2 of 2)

When last we left our MLG Cover...

Now that the gear strut is in place, I can complete the removable cover for the bottom access to the "hell hole" where the main gear is mounted.  Other than the gear mountings themselves, the only thing that will be in this area is brake line connections I think.

Taped off ready
for layups
The cover has been fabricated but it has no way to be mounted.  As mentioned, I followed Wayne Hicks method of fabricating the cover.  This continues into the mounting flange and fasteners for it.  I first taped off the edges of the inside of the cover with packing tape to prevent epoxy from sticking.  Then I bondo'd craft sticks to the cover so it would sit flush over the access hole.

Looking down (inside) the
cover while layups cure

Then I set the cover in place and bondo'd the craft sticks to the fuselage.  After turning the fuselage right side up, I then laid up BID tapes from the side of the LG bulkheads down and about 1" onto the MLG cover.

Flange cured, trimmed,
with fastener holes
located and drilled.

After cure, I cleaned up the flange and located the holes for the fasteners.  Also, some clearance cuts had to be made to allow the main gear attach tabs to fit down between the flanges.  Everything is a fairly tight fit but works out great.

Installing nut plates
under the flange
I ordered Click-Bond floating nut plates (#CN614CR3P) and Click-Bond adhesive from The Flight Shop to attach them to the underside of the flange.  The rubber installation aid made this very EZ and the nut plates seem to be holding very well.  Using countersink screws make is all nice and clean for airflow.

Clean lines !

Once complete with the install, I went ahead and did some finish work with micro to create a nice clean 1/16" gap between the cover edges and the fuselage.

Onward to the Wheels and Brakes!

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