Monday, March 18, 2013

Ch 7: Glassing the Fuselage Bottom

Here we go again...
This is another large layup.  Don't believe the plans that say it should take you 3 hrs.  Remember, Nat had built at  least 2 other Aircraft before building the Cozy IV.  Even with that, I find it hard to believe he did this in 3 hours.  Plan on making it the day's activity and don't set yourself up to have to be somewhere at a certain'll rush...and make mistakes.

A couple of thoughts...
Layup Map
- Make sure the shape and surfaces are what you want.  If it's not right before you glass, it won't be right afterward either and you'll just have to add micro to fix it anyway.  Glass is not a filler.

- Pre-cut the glass and mark which is which on the cloth.  Also make a map to follow just to make sure you don't forget which piece goes where in the middle of your work.
- Use longer pot life epoxy so your not rushed.  I use Aeropoxy so I used their 3665 hardener which has a 90 min pot life...worked great.
- Wet out only as much glass as you can reasonably work with at one time then move on to the next section.

Only 11.5 hrs later...done.  I was very pleased with the results...only a few small dry spots found that were easily fixed.  The slightly off colored piece of  glass on the left front was from using the last\bit of some older hardner.  It colors more and more rusty red with age but still works the same.

Glassed Bottom.
Onward, cab

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